Tourism industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. According to the WTO data nine out of ten people are employed in this sector; recently the sector has created more than 235 million jobs. It consists of many segments each of which offers career opportunities both in private and public sectors.

ESM started operating Bachelor’s program in Tourism. The program is result-oriented, with a balance between theoretical knowledge and practical skills; it places special emphasis on hotel administration.

The three-year program is Tourism gives students all the necessary skills and knowledge needed for professional growth, which will enable them to have a succesful future career. The program curriculum covers general courses as well as courses from tourism management. The aim of the program is to equip students with knowledge in the following:
Policy and planning of sustainable tourism
Managing and operating tourist business
Investgating and forecasting tourism industry
Applying modern information, electronic and operational systems and technologies.

In the academic process most modern literature is used. Courses are delivered by outstanding professionals and professors of Tourism industry ESM partner Universities include leading international Universities and local private and public organizations.

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Admission Requirement

Individuals having completed a secondary education are eligible for enrolling in the program. The pre-condition for enrollment in the Bachelor’s program is passing the WAEC, NECO or NATEB. Compulsory subjects to be taken are: English language and Government, while elective subjects can include History, Geography, Mathematics, Literature and Civil Studies. Any exception from the rules of enrollment shall be allowed only in the cases prescribed by the legislation.