Political science

Political Science

Politics is a part of human existence, and social interactions invariably involve political relationships. Politics is important for the creation of a just and humane way of life. Politics includes all aspects of contemporary society that directly or indirectly affect the state, as well as those aspects that have public significance.

This programme provides an understanding of politics within state borders. It provides the knowledge and develops the skills necessary to analyse, compare and explain political events, and the impact of politics on society. Political science take into account a variety of non-political or related influences that have an impact on politics.

This programme provides a description of political facts, an explanation of how and why politics occurs and a prescription of what should happen in the political world.

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Admission Requirement

Individuals having completed a secondary education are eligible for enrolling in the program. The pre-condition for enrollment in the Bachelor’s program is passing the WAEC, NECO or NATEB. Compulsory subjects to be taken are: English language and Government, while elective subjects can include History, Geography, Mathematics, Literature and Civil Studies. Any exception from the rules of enrollment shall be allowed only in the cases prescribed by the legislation.