The Faculty of Humanities provides a holistic education, transferable skills, critical thinking, and communication and problem-solving that will help you develop to your full potential. You will be entering a stimulating environment that will broaden your intellectual horizons and help you achieve personal and professional success through the best possible learning experience

As the most diverse Faculty of ESM BENIN, we offer an exciting and comprehensive range of programmes and discipline-based majors, including studies in languages, social sciences and visual and performing arts.

Through this mission, Esm University envisages to contribute to the reduction of youth unemployment and in particular to the creation of wealth through training in conformity and in force at national and international level.

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Individuals having completed a secondary education are eligible for enrolling in the program. The pre-condition for enrolment in theBachelor’s program is passing the WAEC,NECOor NATEB. Compulsory subjects to be taken are: English language and Literature in English, while elective subjects can include: Economics/Mathematics/Government and Civil Studies. Any exception from the rules ofenrollment shall be allowed only in the cases prescribed by the legislation.