Management and Information Technology

Management and Information Technology

The ESM School of Technology offers Undergraduate Program in Information Technology, that have been developed based on the international accreditation requirements and the current and expected demands of the local labor market. The program presents an interesting blend of the field of computer science with business and aims to prepare individuals with broad array of knowledge and skills. Computer science courses offered in the program curriculum allow students to build a strong knowledge in computer science while business courses support.Students’ understanding of business environment and develop their ability in making effective decisions when selecting, creating, integrating and administering computer-based systems for their clients.

In addition to computer science and business courses the program curriculum also includes general education courses, expanding the range of their knowledge and skills which all serve their preparation for successful careers.

Bachelor’s Thesis
The final and an important component of the program curriculum is the Bachelor’s Thesis. The Bachelor’s Thesis implies development and presentation of an actual product by a group of students with the supportof instructors who give advice to students on each stage of a project development. The Bachelor’s Thesis is the final and combined way of developing many important skills in program graduates which may not be easy to accomplish in the traditional classroom setting. Such skills may include: working in teams, interacting with users, developing formal problem specifications, building prototypes and making oral presentations. One particularly important aspect of the Bachelor’s Thesis is that it gives students an opportunity to develop a real product for real companies and get this way a chance to build a business relationship with their potential employees or clients.

Career Opportunities
Management and Information Technology Program graduates will have an opportunity to work in a variety of environments such as academia, research, industry, media, government, private and business organizations. As a rule, the work of Computer Science program graduates involves the following types of activities: analyzing problems for solutions, formulating and testing, using advanced communications or multimedia equipment, or working in teams for product development. Examples of job titles of Computer Science graduates may include: Software Developer, Computer Communications Specialist, System and Security Administrator, Network Systems and Data Communications Analyst, IT Business Management Consultant, Product Line Manager, Telecommunications Manager, Multimedia Developer, Animator etc.

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Admission Requirement

Individuals having completed a secondary education are eligible for enrolling in the program. The pre-condition for enrollment in the Bachelor’s program is passing the WAEC, NECO or NATEB. Compulsory subjects to be taken are: Mathematics and Physics, while elective subjects can include: Chemistry/Geography /English language and Civil Studies. Any exception from the rules of enrollment shall be allowed only in the cases prescribed by the legislation.