Estate Management

Estate Management

Estate Management is the study of fixed property and related aspects such as property economics, development, management, valuation, financing, investment and marketing.

The Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment and Information Technology at ESM BENIN is a leading source of graduates in the engineering,built environment and information technology professions. We achieve this by a focus on research to drive innovative and inquiry-led teaching for educating and positioning our students to be leaders in their professions. The Faculty has extensive and cutting-edge teaching, learning and laboratory facilities integrated with the excellent suite of facilities and services offered by the University. We facilitate access to our qualifications through our extended programmes but expect our students to excel and develop as future professionals through our programme offering. We invite you to consider enrolling in one of our programmes if you share our vision of excellence and want to position yourself as a leader in the professions that we support.

The Faculty is organised in four schools: the School of Engineering, the School for the Built Environment, the School of Information Technology and the Graduate School of Technology Management. The School of Engineering is the largest of its kind in the country in terms of student numbers, graduates and research contributions and offers programmes in all the major engineering disciplines with many specializations also offered at undergraduate and graduate level.

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ESM BENINaims to be internationally competitive while alsolocally relevant. Advisory boards at both faculty and departmental level promote alignment and excellence in our teaching and research activities. Where applicable and available our programmes are accredited by statutory and professional bodies at both national and international level.

Admission Requirement

Individuals having completed a secondary education are eligible for enrolling in the program. The pre-condition for enrolment in the Bachelor’s program is passing the WAEC,NECOor NATEB. Compulsory subjects to be taken are: Mathematics and Geography, while elective subjects can include: /Agric Science /English language and Biology. Any exception from the rules of enrollment shall be allowed only in the cases prescribed by the legislation.