April 27, 2020


The University was established and approved in 2007. It has since inception consistently grown to become one of the best Universities in BENIN REPUBLIC/AFRICA. The University is highly respected by the Ministry of Higher Education, Benin Republic, because of its determination and resolve to uphold academic excellence in all departments of its operations.
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“Create a career today” could definitely sound somewhat interesting or otherwise, depending on what scenarios are in play wherever you’re situated, literally or figuratively. You can be certain of choosing your path or getting properly started if you’ve made a decision Here, at ESM University Benin, we prioritize truths as bases. Campus on a tour...
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The ESM School of Technology offers Undergraduate Program in Information Technology, that have been developed based on the international accreditation requirements and the current and expected demands of the local labor market. The program presents an interesting blend of the field of computer science with business and aims to prepare individuals with broad array of...
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